Helpful lock and safe info

ANSI/BHMA Lock grades information articles from Lock net or Locksmith ledger.

Here is the ANSI/BHMA residential lock rating system information that was introduced in 2015 article from Construction Canada.

Here are some tips on how to keep your door hardware looking new from Schlage Locks.

Here is UL safe ratings article from Lock Reference.

Locks to avoid

  1.  Kwikset / Weiser/Baldwin Smart Key (fragile internals)
  2. OnGuard Beast Model 8101 Padlock (can be disassembled while locked)

Types of materials to

Look for in locksBrass, Stainless Steel, Boron Carbide, Steel.

Try to avoid in locks: Aluminum, Zinc, Plastic, Zinc alloys, Aluminum alloys.

Here is some links to reviews

Here is a YouTube playlist I created to help you make a informed decision on the lock/security products you are looking at.

Here is a link to some useful info for researching lock vulnerabilities from Investigative Law Offices.