Here are links to two useful maps, lightning and power outage. The power outage map is from Hydro One and the lightning map is from Blitzortung

Payment options

 Currently I am only able to accept cash or cheque for payment. Make cheque out to Zachary Linton

Helpful lock and safe info

 ANSI/BHMA Lock grades information articles from Lock net or Locksmith ledger . 

 Here is UL safe ratings article from Reed Brothers Security

Here are some tips on how to keep your door hardware looking new from Schlage Locks

Here is a YouTube playlist I created to help you make a informed decision on the lock/security products you are looking at

Here is a link to some useful info for researching lock vunerablities from Investigative Law Offices

How I Think About Security

I think of security in the layer approach.

Layers include: Landscaping, Lighting, Door Strength, Refraining from Posting vacation plans on Social Media.

If you reduce hiding spots, light up the area, put long screws in strike plates and hinges and refrain from posting on social media that you are away it greatly reduces chance of break-in.

Even though I cannot ensure that any or all of layers will be successful at all times, I suggest a layer approach 

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